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Resolved: Buying a desktop with Windows pre-installed is a big mistake!


Note: My issue has been resolved thanks to Microsoft Support. They've been very helpful. You can read about the resolution in my comment below.


I'm writing this post because of an absolutely horrible experience I am having with Microsoft and HP support, where neither company is willing to help me with a Windows activation.

I'll try and keep my story brief so as to save time

  • Purchased an HP Envy Desktop in 2015 with Windows 8 pre-installed. PC worked fine till October 2017, when the motherboard failed
  • Ordered a new Gigabit motherboard online and replaced it myself.
  • Since installing the new motherboard, PC works perfectly (better than before actually), but I have a permanent watermark on the bottom right saying my Windows is not activated
  • Microsoft support says I need to contact HP, and give them my bill details of when and where I purchased the desktop from, and that HP will give me my license/activation key.
  • I contact HP support, give them all the needed information. They tell me since I replaced my motherboard with a non-HP board, they won't do shit. They claim since I put a non-HP motherboard, it's out of their hands. Won't even give me my activation key, Windows license, nothing!
  • Even though I purchased a PC with genuine Windows pre-installed, neither company will help me. I paid for that license (it was part of the cost when I bought the PC obviously), but fuck me I guess?
HP Envy

I really need some advice on how to proceed. It's really irritating to see that Windows activation watermark.

It is unfair to expect me to pay for another Windows license, when I technically already paid for one. I'm so frustrated I'm considering turning to less than legal methods to activate my Windows. Since Microsoft is screwing me, I have no problem screwing them back, but I'd still rather solve this issue the legit way if possible.

Please help! What should I do?