Please, someone, make a "compact" flagship with a good camera


For those of us who still want all of the capability of the modern flagship phone, yet don't watch movies on their phone or want the very large screens that have become the Android norm, we are left without.

Many of us found the best thing yet with the original Moto X, a 4.7" screen built into a curved back because we have curved hands. Its camera was good, not great.

But there is no longer an option for us. The Sony Compact series is fast, but the camera can't touch my nearly 3 year old Galaxy S6.

And Apple "increased" its screen sizes years ago to a 4.7" screen. You can barely sniff an Android flagship with a display under 5.7".

I'm asking nicely, Samsung or Moto. When you release your options next year, make one with a 5" screen, max, and just see how it does. It seems to serve the iPhone world just fine.