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Microsoft’s Cortana app now has native iPad support

Microsoft’s Cortana app now has native iPad support


Microsoft says the app also launches 20 percent faster

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Microsoft has updated its Cortana app to include native iPad support. The app, which lets you use Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana, now has an “exclusive layout and interface” for the iPad. That means the app now takes advantage of the bigger screen, with plenty of space for information and all your reminders. Microsoft says the app also now launches 20 percent faster. The update was spotted by MacRumors.

Cortana is similar to other voice assistants, and it can do things like deliver news that’s personalized to your interests, track flights and packages, and remind you of calendar appointments. You can also ask it questions like “Where’s the nearest McDonald’s?” or “What’s one bitcoin worth in USD?”

While you can use Cortana on your iOS devices, Microsoft’s digital assistant can only be used in the app itself and isn’t fully integrated with Apple’s operating system. (So you can’t ask Cortana if it’ll rain this weekend if your device is locked.) Still, the app is a neat way to use Cortana if you prefer it over Siri and don’t mind working around these constraints. Google Assistant is also available as an app.