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This gaming mouse has two internal joysticks

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An all-in-one solution

Lexip’s “3D” mouse is promising gamers a supercharged experience with a mouse that comes with two joysticks built in. Currently in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign, the company says Lexip’s joysticks make this an all-in-one solution for any variety of games.

Lexip’s first joystick is internal and controlled by tilting the mouse shell. It can register over 300,000 joystick positions by simply tilting it left, right, up, or down +/- 20 degrees. The second joystick is on the side of the mouse and is controlled by your thumb. (There will be right and left-handed models available.) This is a two-axis joystick, similar to what would appear on any console controller. It also has a laser glide sensor, which allows for tracking mechanical gliding at high speeds with increased accuracy.

The company says the mouse is designed for all levels of gamers, whether you’re a pro or simply someone who clocks a few hours on weekends. The video shows someone playing Minecraft, explaining that normally you’d have to stop briefly in order to switch through inventory items, but use of the side joystick can be used for this, meaning uninterrupted gameplay. Through Lexip’s control panel, the mouse’s settings can also be customized and configured to what you are currently comfortable with. (For example, each joystick can be used as four individual buttons to control keyboard-only games.)

There’s clearly a need for this mouse: the company reached its funding goal in 25 minutes and currently has about $200,000 pledged with over a month left to go. Lexip is promising delivery in June of this year and is offering an early bird price of 99 euros (about $121).