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You can now build Amazon Music playlists using voice commands on Alexa devices

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Amazon today announced that Amazon Music listeners can now build playlists using voice commands via Alexa. For example, if they’re streaming music from an app or listening to the radio on an Alexa-enabled device, they can use voice commands to add the current song to a playlist, or start a new playlist from scratch.

It’s a small but useful addition that’s only available to the online giant’s music service. It’s also a natural next step on voice commands for listening to music on a smart speaker. Currently, voice control for competing services like Spotify and Apple Music only go as far as requesting a song, artist, album, or radio station, or skipping and repeating a song.

The new playlist feature rolls out today to Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited users, and works on any device with Alexa built in.