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The private browsing opinion request

In the recent years a much of the talk in tech related columns has been the privacy issue. The never-ending story and battle of good and evil and what not. Most of them concentrate on the privacy in regard of the home user. Now, these home users are supposed to have little to none knowledge about the works of Internet and what ever flows in and out of it. Since the articles are revolving around the "steps to keep you safe", "measures to take", and its majorly a VPN related story, and add-on at that.I believe that you resigned a portion of your privacy the moment you first signed in on the Internet. The companies are just using a vague information they collect to make money, and other individuals as well. I personally don't mind data collected as long as it doesn't jeopardize my personal space and life. The moment it goes into snooping through my private property its a problem.

My question is I am guessing we all come with different knowledge levels and ideas and opinions, so I am wondering what is your opinion on all this protect yourself propaganda and privacy?

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