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Windows 10 Apps and Services


I'm a macOS to Windows 10 convert. After using my MacBook Pro for 7 years, I was disappointed with the current offering and opted for a Surface Book 2 instead.

Everything is awesome, except for the poor selection of nice UWP apps and the lack of stuff syncing to my phone. While the first party apps are amazing (OneNote is amazing!), and there are a few key standouts (UWP version of VLC, Drawboard, Nebo), some categories just feel barren. For example, there just don't seem to be many good to-do and productivity apps, whereas other platforms are stocked full of them.

The second issue is syncing stuff with a mobile device. With macOS/iOS, everything syncs really well, but with Windows 10, I can't seem to find nearly as many apps that work well cross platform with iOS or Android.

Any recommendations on services that allow me to sync my stuff across my devices better? I've heard of the Microsoft Launcher but I'm reluctant to have it replace stock Android, so any reviews for that?