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Apple Maps gets upgraded bike-sharing information

Apple Maps gets upgraded bike-sharing information


Partnership with Ito World gives real-time data for bikes

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Apple Maps has been getting a few more features to keep up with the likes of Google Maps. Now those features include more comprehensive bike-sharing information for various global cities.

Through a partnership with Ito World, Apple Maps now supports bike-sharing data in more than 175 cities in 36 countries, including San Francisco, New York, and London, according to TechCrunch. Ito says its global bike-share data, “curates and integrates the disparate data of Bike Share schemes around the world,” in real time. But TechCrunch says Apple Maps doesn’t tell you how many bikes are at a given location, just that bikes should be available at an address or intersection.

Still, it’s a step up over what information Apple Maps did offer in the past and is likely to be useful for casual bike-share users who are in the Apple universe and want quick information on bike services offered in different cities. The app supports services such as Citi Bike, Ford’s GoBike, and Biketown, among others.

Despite Apple Maps’ various improvements, however, we think you should still get Google Maps on your iPhone to avoid the risk of getting lost.