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Google Assistant is now available for iPads

Google Assistant is now available for iPads


Assistant on the iPad does what it does on the iPhone, just on a larger screen

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Google added its Assistant to the iPhone last year, effectively giving a consolation prize to those who use both it and Apple’s devices. But on Tuesday, Google gave Apple users another token: Assistant on the iPad.

According to the company, Assistant on the iPad does what Assistant for the iPhone can do, which is essentially a more limited range of functions than on an Android device. But Google says it can still do things such as “dim the lights,” cast to your TV, text, or make video calls and set reminders.

Image: Google

Google says the benefit of Assistant on the iPad is that it’s adapted to a larger screen and can work in both portrait and landscape modes. Assistant also allows for multitasking, the company says, so you can use it while in other apps. It’s general stuff, and the integration with Siri isn’t as smooth as on one of Google’s devices, but it’s obviously better than nothing. And based on our comparison between the two on the iPhone, Assistant has some notable advantages over Siri that may tip in Google’s favor over time.

Google Assistant for the iPad is out today.