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Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are going to reunite as demon bros in a stop-motion Netflix film

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Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key from Comedy Central’s Emmy Award-winning series Key and Peele will reunite for a new film from Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick, called Wendell and Wild. The film will be distributed by Netflix, according to Deadline.

Wendell and Wild is a stop-motion animated feature about two mischievous demon brothers, which will be voiced by Key and Peele. The film is Netflix’s second stop-motion animation acquisition to date, after Bubbles, a film about Michael Jackson’s famous chimpanzee. Selick, Peele, and writer Clay McLeod Chapman will pen the script. Selick and Chapman will also write an adaptation, which will be published by Simon & Schuster after the film’s release.

Selick has a long resume of impressive animated films, including Coraline, James and the Giant Peach, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and is teaming up with Argentinian artist Pablo Lobato to design the characters, who is known for his brightly-colored, Andy Warhol-esque illustrations, as seen on his social media handles.

Peele just took home a Best Original Screenplay Oscar last week for his horror-thriller Get Out, and it’s been three years since he and Key wrapped Key and Peele’s fifth and final season. Peele’s return to acting is an apparent reversal from comments he made earlier this year, in which he said that he was quitting acting to focus on directing and writing. Since the end of Key and Peele, Peele established a production studio that is working on a couple of TV projects: a horror series about America during the Jim Crow era for HBO, and a revival of The Twilight Zone for CBS’s All Access streaming service.