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Google Pay for Wear OS devices comes to Canada, Spain, and Australia

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Google Pay can now be used with Wear OS devices (the new name for Android Wear as of yesterday) in Canada, Spain, and Australia, as spotted by Android Police. Previously, the payment service was only officially available on Wear OS devices in the US and UK.

As Android Police points out, enforcement for use strictly within the US and UK had been somewhat lax, with people in other countries using the service without issue. However, those who installed the Oreo update on the Huawei Watch 2 found that their ability to use Google Pay on the device was then disabled outside of the US and UK.

Now that Google has confirmed the additional support in Canada, Spain, and Australia, users in those countries can use their Wear OS smartwatches to make regular payments and purchase transit tickets on select lines using the Opal ticketing system in Australia.

While there’s no estimate as to when Google Pay for Wear OS devices will come to even more countries, Google does say it’s “working to roll out support for more countries soon.” In the meantime, through May 14th, it’s offering a $10 credit (up to 10 times) for users who refer a friend in Australia and Canada. (The referred friend gets a $10 credit as well.)