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Adult Swim’s new music video for Run the Jewels’ Oh Mama is like a mini Rick and Morty episode

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Something to tide us over until season 4

Adult Swim’s hit animated show Rick and Morty finished its third season back in October, and we might not get season 4 until 2019, according to one of the show’s writers. To tide us over, Adult Swim just released a music video for Run The Jewels’ song “Oh Mama,” featuring the mad scientist and his grandson.

The video is directed by Rick and Morty director Juan Meza-León (he was responsible for episodes like “The Rickshank Rickdemption,” “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy,” and “The ABC’s of Beth”), and it plays out a bit like a regular episode of the show: Rick and Morty fly off to a random planet, crash a club full of insectoid Gromflamites, and carnage ensues. They steal a briefcase and head out, only to encounter some additional problems, trippy animation, and an ending with a neat twist. It’s like an entire episode condensed into just a couple minutes.

The network is using this video to promote its first Adult Swim Festival, set to take place in Los Angeles, California, on October 6th and 7th, with Run the Jewels as the headlining act. Adult Swim hasn’t shied away from using its popular show for other such cross-promotional stunts: last year, it released a short Alien crossover to promote Alien: Covenant.