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Google Maps shortcuts are live for some users

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They seem to have rolled out in India, at least

Stop motion by Michele Doying / The Verge

Google Maps shortcuts are live for select users in India, according to a user tip via Android Police. Specifically, the new feature arrived on Google Maps version 9.72.2.

You can select up to four shortcuts at a time from a selection of 14, such as nearby food, malls, metro stations, directions to home, and directions to work. By default, Maps selects three for you to start, with the ability to add one more or swap the default choices to something else. It’s an expanded version of what you could previously add to your home screen by holding the Google Maps icon and selecting a saved location for quick navigation. Now, you’ll see these shortcuts as you open up the app for search.

The expanded shortcuts feature appear to be live only for some users in India. We’ve reached out to Google for comment on the further rollout and will update when we hear back.

Image by Ramit Suri / Android Police
Image by Ramit Suri / Android Police