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The Cmicro is a temperature sensor that makes microwaving more complicated

The Cmicro is a temperature sensor that makes microwaving more complicated


No one asked for this

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A new Indiegogo campaign has appeared to help you monitor your food’s temperature when you microwave it. Called Cmicro, the device consists of a little puck (the actual sensor), a number of different Cmicro container covers it can be attached to, and a small display that’s affixed to the front of your microwave.

The Cmicro system works by putting the sensor on the desired cover — there’s a dome to put over plates, another for cups, and a Cmicro baby bottle with a lid — placing the covered food in the microwave, and then setting the front sensor to the temperature you’d like your food. As it cooks, the sensor measures the average temperature of the food via an infrared signal powered by the microwave, which is transmitted to and shown on the front display, also via infrared. Once the desired temperature is reached, the sensor sounds an alarm.

In theory, this is a nice idea, but it’s very “fixing a problem that doesn’t exist.” (The “there’s gotta be a better way!”-style of the product’s video doesn’t help, either.) While there are certainly instances where more specific temperatures for items is imperative — like baby formula — it’s worth noting that the FDA does not recommend heating baby formula or milk in a microwave because it can create hot spots.

Speaking of hot spots, lots of foods, like soups, need to be stirred in the middle of microwaving. So you would still have to estimate when to stop cooking midway to stir (I say estimate because the dome is opaque so you can’t even see the state of the food you’re microwaving!), hope there hasn’t been a splatter explosion under the lid, and then continue on.

Cmicro microwave sensor
Microwaving is hard, man
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Microwaving food is not difficult. I don’t even know what the heck I’d set the sensor to while microwaving different foods. It’s not like I have a Fahrenheit preference for my leftovers! I just know with my microwave it takes about a minute, I poke it with a finger or taste test, and I’m generally good. If it needs to go back in for another 20 seconds, it does not affect my day. I don’t have a meltdown while shaking my fist and thinking, “why have you forsaken me, technology gods!” I also don’t want two things on my microwave that can beep at me. The sensor with the cover is more useful as a cloche to keep your food warm once you’re done microwaving it, but I could get a cheaper and nicer-looking one on Amazon.

If, for whatever reason, this sounds like something you’d find useful, the Cmicro basic set with sensor, cover, and display is on presale now for $69, the Cmicro baby set for $74, and the Cmicro all-inclusive set for $89, all with an estimated delivery date of August 2018. As always, keep in mind the buyer beware caution that comes along with crowd-funding projects.