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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Oscars ad has Issa Rae telling you to make something awkward

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Oscars ad has Issa Rae telling you to make something awkward

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Samsung just released its new Oscars-themed ad for the recently announced Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus phones. The ad was directed by Dee Rees, who teamed up with her DP from Mudbound, Rachel Morrison.

The 60-second spot begins with two women deciding they want to make something using the phones, but they’re not sure where to start. A bunch of celebrities and influencers jump in to answer that question, often drawing from their own bodies of creative work.

Actress and director Issa Rae, for instance, says, “Make something awkward,” referencing her YouTube web series The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, which became the inspiration for her HBO series Insecure. Constance Wu, star of the upcoming Crazy Rich Asians film and Fresh Off the Boat, advises them to “make a new way in,” as she opens a new door, presumably to an exclusive event. Director Taika Watiti advises the women to “Make something big,” referencing his work at the helm of Marvel’s wildly successful Thor: Ragnarok.

The advertisement is part of Samsung’s “Do What You Can’t” campaign focused on highlighting how the S9 and S9 Plus phones come with tools for social media creation, such as aperture-changing rear cameras, AR Emoji, and extra storage space. (It will certainly be easy to make some awkward-looking AR Emoji.)

It’s also star-studded enough to fit in with the rest of the Oscars ads. Still, despite starring in the Samsung ad, some of the celebrities like Constance Wu, appear to be iOS users in real life. Others like Issa Rae, whose most recent tweet was sent from Twitter’s Android app, may have become converts since filming the spot.