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George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers TV show promises ‘Psycho in space’ in its first trailer

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‘It’s a haunted house story on a starship’

Syfy has released a first look at the upcoming adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers, which will adapt the 1980 novella into a 10-episode television series. While the trailer doesn’t do much beyond show off a few of the actors and offer some behind-the-scenes hype for the show, there’s a clear horror vibe coming across here. As Martin himself teases: “It’s Psycho in space.”

Syfy is betting big on Nightflyers as a major series. The novella follows the crew of a spaceship — also called the Nightflyer — as they search for a mythical alien species until things go wrong with the ship’s computer and people start dying (as it tends to happen in space horror stories). The novella was already adapted into a film back in 1987, but the TV show is looking to tell an expanded story that’s more true to Martin’s original tale and characters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be the most expensive show the network has made thus far. Syfy has revitalized its original programming in recent years in the form of shows like The Expanse and Killjoys, and it’s no doubt hoping that adding Martin’s brand to the mix will yield a true prestige series. That said, while the author appears in the trailer, he won’t be involved at all with the series on a creative level, due to an exclusive contract with HBO.

However, Nightflyers appears to be hitting some bumps in the road even before it has made its way to television screens. News broke earlier today that Daniel Cerone, the original showrunner for the series, is departing over “creative differences.” He’ll be replaced by executive producer Jeff Buhler.

Nightflyers will air sometime this fall on Syfy.