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You can now link to hashtags and other users in your Instagram bio

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Instagram is making a minor, albeit useful change to user bios today: whenever you mention another account or hashtag in your profile, it’ll display an actual link that other users can tap through. So, for example, I’ve got @verge listed in my profile. Before this change, it was just regular text and not a proper link. But Instagram has gotten around to changing that.

And if you have a beloved hashtag, you can also put that in your bio, and it will link out to recently uploaded photos that have the same hashtag in their description or comments. Instagram added the ability to follow hashtags in your main feed — right alongside posts from the people you follow — back in December.

But if you want to include a real link to a URL outside of Instagram in your bio, you can still only do that in the “website” field when editing your profile. These new interactive profile components are meant to keep you perusing Instagram itself.