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Google Maps for iOS now tells you how long restaurant wait times are

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Google Maps Image: MacRumors

Google Maps for iOS has introduced a new feature in version 4.47 that shows the average waiting time for over a million restaurants at different parts of the day, as reported by Engadget.

When looking up a restaurant, Google Maps now tells you the average wait time to get seated under the graph that shows how busy a restaurant usually is through the day. This could be helpful in instances where restaurants don’t take reservations, or if you’re looking to make spur-of-the-moment plans.

In addition, the new update also includes more information when traveling by public transit, letting you know which entrance you need to go into. That feature is currently available in New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Paris, Los Angeles, Delhi, Moscow, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona, Kiev, and Budapest, with other cities planned for the future.

Google Maps also recently pushed an update to make wheelchair accessible routing an option when planning to travel via public transit.