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Here’s the best use for those unused fidget spinners

Here’s the best use for those unused fidget spinners


In a tabletop marble maze

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Fidget spinners, the divisive fiddling toy you shouldn’t lick, have been used in questionable ways. Some have turned the toy into an actual phone and others have added Bluetooth functionality. But now, YouTube user Kaplamino, has found what’s probably the best use for the now out-of-fashion spinners: as linchpins in a complex marble maze.

Kaplamino is known for his ingenious DIY tabletop machines. They’re essentially obstacle courses set up using everyday items like forks, spoons, and dominos. This new maze makes use of several marbles, and over twenty fidget spinners that gently turn and twist to push the marbles along. The result is actually quite soothing and mesmerizing to watch:

The ultimate goal, though, is for the maligned spinner to end up in the bin:

It’s a happy ending for all involved, and it’s also a nice little video to distract you from those recent Facebook woes. Here is the complete setup, which is really impressive: