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HQ arrives on iPad for the millions that still play

HQ arrives on iPad for the millions that still play


The hype has worn off for some, but not all

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Image: HQ

The HQ mobile trivia game hype might have worn off for some, but the popular game is now arriving on Apple’s iPad this week to open it up to even more potential players. HQ has been soaring in popularity in recent months, and the game hit an important milestone of 1 million participants earlier this year, and it continues to attract millions of players each week.

HQ’s iPad app doesn’t include any new features for the game, and it’s what I would describe as a lazy iPad app. It only works in portrait orientation, and looks like it’s simply been scaled up from the iPhone version. That also means you won’t be able to run it side-by-side with a browser, although that could prevent iPad Pro users cheating by looking up answers. Still, this new iPad version does mean that many more will be able to play HQ trivia. 1.7 million people participated in a recent HQ game, and it still regularly hits more than a million players during weekend games.

HQ has been gradually increasing its cash prizes in recent weeks, alongside testing a new royale-style mode that keeps questions going until there’s only one winner. HQ typically has a set of 12 questions, and the winners share the cash pot at the end. HQ recently banned a player suspected of cheating in the royale-style mode. The game has been hit by bots that automatically capture the questions and scrape search engines for answers, and it’s clear HQ is starting to hit back.