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You can now search for documents on Files Go like you would on Google

Files Go Image: Google

Google has announced several changes to Files Go, its Android app for file management, which should help make finding your files easier.

You can now search for files on your phone the same way you would on the internet. The app will try to autocomplete results, and it’ll also store your search history. To use this, simply tap the search icon under the Files tab. Google says all of this also works offline.

Files Go now also shows you where duplicate files are located. When it suggests duplicates to remove, long press on the thumbnail, and you’ll see where the file is on your phone before you choose to delete it.

Additionally, Google says that Files Go now works with Google Photos, so Files Go will detect when you’ve backed up photos using Google Photos, and prompt you to delete them to free up space.

They’re all pretty minor additions, but they continue to make Files Go feel more like the file management app that Android should include in the first place.