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Tidal launches Amazon Fire TV app, adds Android Auto compatibility

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More services support the fledgling music app

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Following its wider availability on TVs last year, Tidal announced Thursday it was releasing an app on Amazon’s Fire TV devices, as well as for Android Auto.

Jay-Z’s music service will now work on Amazon’s Fire TV and the Fire Stick with, “a custom Fire TV interface that emphasizes TIDAL’s visual ecosystem and is designed to provide the best experience for large screen devices,” the company said. Tidal’s catalog of music is said to include more than 50 million tracks, and TV users can also navigate through the app’s original content. Additionally, Android users can also use the app with Android Auto-enabled vehicles and access the “My Collection” and “Explore” folders.

Tidal became available on Apple TV and Android TV in December, as well as on Apple CarPlay, in order to broaden its customer base and compete with more popular streaming services. Late last year, Tidal was reported as having financial problems as its growth had stalled, with subscriber numbers at around 1 million compared to Spotify’s 70 million and Apple Music set to overtake that this year.