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Cambridge Analytica says it’s conducting a third-party audit over Facebook data

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Illustration by William Joel / The Verge

Cambridge Analytica’s acting CEO said in a statement today that the company will undergo an independent third-party audit to determine whether it still holds any data covertly obtained from Facebook users.

The acting CEO, Alexander Tayler, apologized for the recent controversy, and said Cambridge Analytica believed the data had been obtained “in line with Facebook’s terms of service and data protection laws.”

As it has claimed before, Cambridge Analytica says it destroyed the mishandled Facebook data years ago, but new reporting has brought that claim into question. Facebook said recently it was working with a firm to conduct its own audit of Cambridge Analytica, but the investigation is on pause while the United Kingdom‘s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) works on its own probe. Tayler says the company is cooperating with the ICO.

Tayler, while casting aspersions on the contractor Christopher Wylie, who has become a major source for reporting on Cambridge Analytica, also promised to release more information on the company’s practices. While discussing SCL Elections, Cambridge Analytica’s parent organization, he seemed to allude to comments made by his predecessor, Alexander Nix, about using entrapment for political gain.

“We take the disturbing recent allegations of unethical practices in our non-US political business very seriously,” Tayler writes. “The Board has launched a full and independent investigation into SCL Elections’ past practices, and its findings will be shared publicly.”