Where are the wireless laptops?


2017 was the year Apple finally got on board with induction charging on the iPhone. Yey! Now we can all look forward to a future where we don't have to worry about fiddling around for that wire in the dark; we can just put the phone down on the charging pad where it belongs.

But while we might be moving towards a wireless future with our smartphones, I want to know why we aren't seeing wireless laptops out there.


Induction charging in laptops actually makes a lot of sense.

Unless you exclusively use your laptop on your lap (what a crazy idea), it's likely that, most of the time, you're using it on a desk. Or, if not, you're leaving it on your desk overnight. That's kinda the perfect place to stick an induction charging pad. They could easily be built into tables in your local coffee house, giving your main work device a little bit of a boost while you work.

Now, nobody is asking for good oldfashioned USB-C charging to go away already. Having the option to stick in a wire for when you need a faster charge will always be welcome. But why not have the 'top-up' option of induction charging as well? Maybe have a few receivers spread out across the laptop body so you don't have to worry about exactly aligning the charging field - but having the ability to charge your laptop just by leaving it on your desk overnight and the reassurance that there will always be a bit of charge left in the thing, it's got to be better than wired charging alone, hasn't it?

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