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Apple accessories have gone too far

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Capra’s HomePod Case is a traveling violation

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Capra Leather’s HomePod Travel Case
Photo: Capra Leather

Now you can turn your Apple speaker into what looks like an old-timey American football with this $89 HomePod Travel Case designed by Capra Leather. Why? We have no idea. But if you just gotta have a swaddling of leather and suede when transporting your not-very-smart speaker between the kitchen and bedroom, or Manhattan and Southampton, then this is the travel accessory for you.

Let’s be clear: Apple’s HomePod isn’t battery-powered which means it’s not a portable speaker in the traditional use of those words. Hell, you can’t even remove the power cord, which forced the designers to cut a slot in the leather in order to feed the cable through for attachment on the outside of the case. It’s so silly that it’s amazing “Apple didn’t think of this dumb thing first,” notes Quartz’s Mike Murphy on Twitter.

Capra, which is based in Bogotá, Colombia, says “Each design is a new challenge that we face with naivety, passion, and good taste.” At least they nailed one of the three.

What’s next, a leather and wool travel case for the 27-inch iMac? Oh... right.

Photo: Lavolta