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The new Westworld season 2 trailer promises blood as the robot uprising continues

The new Westworld season 2 trailer promises blood as the robot uprising continues


This isn’t going to end well for anyone

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Last night, HBO announced that a new trailer for Westworld’s second season was coming by interrupting the broadcast on all HBO and Cinemax channels simultaneously — and now the trailer has finally arrived.

Set to an epic, orchestral cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” the spot hits on all the major story threads that were left dangling from the season 1 finale. Bernard is still struggling to cope with what he is, while Dolores tries to convince him of the beauty and worthiness of all hosts. Teddy laments that he and Dolores have “ridden for 10 miles,” and all they’ve seen is bloodshed. Maeve wants to find her daughter — despite the fact that she may just be a figment of her programmatic imagination. There’s a quick glimpse of a figure from Westworld’s sister park, Shogun World, and Ed Harris’ Man in Black intoning, “I’m gonna burn this whole thing to the ground.” It’s juxtaposed with him walking toward a ragged door cut into the side of the mountain, which may be a nod to the secret code name of this season, “The Door.”

It all ends on a chilling note, with Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores smiling at Bernard. “Why on earth would you ever be frightened of me?” she asks.

Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the first season of Westworld adapted Michael Crichton’s 1973 film into a sprawling, ambitious look at artificial intelligence, corporate greed, and the very idea of what it means to be human. It also adopted a unique puzzle box format, featuring multiple timelines that were cross-cut against one another, leaving it unclear to many viewers until late in the season that some characters were actually younger versions of others — with the entire thing tied together by the ageless robotic hosts themselves. That same playful sense of mystery permeated the narrative as well, with Harris’ Man in Black caught in a never-ending search for what he called “the center of the maze.”

The maze didn’t end up being quite the surprise the character was looking for, but judging from early indications, the big mystery in the second season is going to be something called “the door.” In fact, in a recent interview with EW, Nolan revealed that “The Door” was the secret internal codename he and Joy used for the new season. (The codename for the first season was, yes, “The Maze.”) In the world of Westworld, of course, what all of that actually means will no doubt end up being the polar opposite of what fans expect — but then again, that’s part of the allure. The new season of Westworld debuts on April 22nd.