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Apple Music adds dedicated section for music videos

Apple Music adds dedicated section for music videos

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Apple announced it would be giving music videos their own section in Apple Music as part of the iOS 11.3 update, but today, it did so even before publicly releasing the new version of iOS. Music videos can be found under the main “browse” tab of the Music app.

Apple Music has given subscribers access to music videos ever since the subscription service launched. The new section is meant to give those videos more prominence, highlight new additions / exclusives, and serve up curated video playlists such as “Today’s Video Hits” and “The A-List: Pop Videos.” Apple says its ad-free, curated approach makes Apple Music the “best music video-watching experience available anywhere.”

Is it enough to pull people away from YouTube / Vevo as their music video go-to? Who knows. But several videos are premiering exclusively on the service today along with the debut of the new section, including Beck’s “Colors” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Space Program.”

Like Apple Music’s other editorial efforts, some of what’s recommended is personalized to you and your music taste based on your listening history with the service. Other content is shown to all users, such as the “Spotlight on Taylor Swift” row below. In a bit of coincidental timing that Apple won’t love, Taylor Swift just announced that her latest music video will be available exclusively on Spotify to start.

The new Music Videos section shows up for everyone, but Apple will only let you actually watch them with a paid subscription to Apple Music. (It will also be hidden if you’re a non-subscriber and have “Show Apple Music” disabled in iOS settings.) It’s available on the iOS, Android, and Apple TV.