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The Nintendo Switch turns one

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On March 3rd, 2017, Nintendo released a strange new device called the Switch. Part home console, part portable gaming device, the Switch created a new category for games hardware, and it has gone on to become the company’s fastest-selling device. In less than 12 months, it’s already more popular than its predecessor, the Wii U

Since its debut, the Switch has become home to some of the company’s best games, from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Super Mario Odyssey to Splatoon 2. Meanwhile, major third-party developers like Bethesda and Rockstar have jumped on board, and the Switch has also become an increasingly important destination for indie games. And the future looks bright, with new Pokémon and Metroid games also on the way.

One year after its launch, we take a look back at how Nintendo’s big bet on the Switch has influenced the company and gaming as a whole, and why the device has become such a hit.