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Amazon introduces free sound library for Alexa skill developers

Audible flair for skills

Dan Seifert / The Verge

Amazon has unveiled (via Engadget) a new toolset for skill developers: the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) sound library. It’s a free repository of sound clips that developers can use to add enhance the skills that they are creating for the company’s smart assistant.

The skills come in 14 categories: Ambience, Animal, Battle, Cartoon, Foley, Home, Human, Impact, Magic, Musical, Nature, Office, SciFi, and Transportation. Each category features a variety of stock sounds, along with an SSML code that developers can insert into their skill’s code. Amazon suggests that the sound snippets can be used to enhance the skills, such as using applause when someone answers a trivia question correctly, to add ambiance to a story, or as an audible indicator when you order it to do something, like lock a door or adjust the temperature in your house.