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Allison Janney wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar for I, Tonya

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90th Annual Academy Awards - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Allison Janney took home an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in I, Tonya. Janney played Tonya Harding’s abusive mother LaVona, who bullies her relentlessly throughout the film, while still providing comedic relief. Janney’s dry, snappy performance was heavily praised by critics. She beat out others in the category, including Lesley Manville in Phantom Thread, Laurie Metcalf in Lady Bird, Octavia Spencer in The Shape of Water, and Mary J. Blige in Mudbound.

Janney began her acceptance speech with a joke: “I did it all by myself.” It got a significant laugh, but she quickly added, “Nothing further from the truth.” She thanked her castmates and even the squawking, ear-biting bird who became her humorous foil in the film.