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The Range Rover SV Coupe sacrifices some doors for more style

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The 577-horsepower, less practical Range Rover will cost $295,000 — to start

Range Rover SV Coupe
Land Rover

Range Rover has become such a popular division of Land Rover that it seems to overpower the parent company. With the new Range Rover SV Coupe, Land Rover gives the impression it’s trying to return a little more exclusivity to its top-tier SUVs.

Shown Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show, the SV Coupe takes the normally four-door Range Rover (not to be confused with Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover etc.) and removes the two rear doors and some inches off the height to sacrifice some space and practicality for more style.

The standard Range Rovers already get the InControl Touch Pro Duo screens first introduced on the Range Rover Velar last year, minimizing the amount of physical buttons and knobs in the front area, replacing them with two 10-inch touchscreens and a 12-inch screen in place of an instrument panel full of physical dials. A head-up display is also included.

The interior is also notable for the available contrasting color schemes that allow the front seats to be upholstered in a different color leather to the rear seats (a monotone upholstery scheme is also available). Land Rover says this is also its first use of “nautical veneer,” so there’s that, too.

The SV Coupe also gets the most powerful Range Rover engine, a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 with 577 horsepower and the ability to go from 0–60 mph in 5 seconds and up to 165 mph, according to Land Rover — should you want to go that quickly in something weighing more than two tons. But because it’s a Land Rover, the Range Rover SV Coupe is also equipped with the company’s Terrain Response 2 system that has presets for surfaces such as sand, mud, rocks, and snow. It also has an adjustable air suspension that can be lowered for easy entry and exit, or raised for improved ground clearance and off-road ability. Those seeking an electrified Range Rover have to make do with the four-door plug-in hybrid model.

It may be as imposing as some houses, so the Range Rover SV Coupe will be priced like one, starting from $295,000 in the US, Land Rover says. This compares to the $208,000 starting price of the most expensive Range Rover you can buy now, the four-door, SVAutobiography Long Wheelbase. But only 999 SV Coupes are being built for the entire world, and exclusivity never came cheap, anyway.