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Gboard for Android is adding Chinese and Korean support

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Gboard, which lets you do everything from searching Maps and YouTube directly from the keyboard, to making quick looping selfie GIFs, is finally adding Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and Korean, to its Android app today. China and Korea are two of the largest Android markets, and the languages were the top two most requested by users, Google says. Considering that Swype has offered Korean support since 2010, and Chinese since 2012, Google is pretty late to the game, though it has offered support for the two languages on iOS for some time.

In addition to Korean and Chinese, Google is also adding 20 new languages, including lesser-known languages like Manx and Maori, to Gboard. With today’s update, Gboard for Android now supports over 300 languages, which you can see the full list of here.

Adlam, the Fulani alphabet on Gboard