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Lost in Space’s fancy new robot looks like a heavy metal Demogorgon

Lost in Space’s fancy new robot looks like a heavy metal Demogorgon

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The most iconic character from the 1960s TV series Lost in Space wasn’t any of the humans on board the Robinson family spacecraft, but rather the talking robot that would famously yell “Danger, Will Robinson!” whenever Will Robinson was in, uh, danger. But while the classic iteration kind of looked like a space trash can, Netflix’s new TV series reboot has decided to go with something a bit more humanoid. The latest trailer for the upcoming show does feature the bot’s classic line, but when it’s delivered, it actually comes as a bit of a shock. Oh, that’s the robot? Okay, cool. The massive monstrosity sort of looks like the monster from Stranger Things mixed with cover art for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Netflix announced it would reboot Lost in Space in 2016. The original show aired on CBS from 1965 to 1968, following the Robinson family and their misadventures in space across 83 episodes. An attempt at reimagining the show as a movie franchise hit theaters in 1998, featuring Gary Oldman and Joey from Friends, though said franchise never ultimately materialized. It appears the new series won’t stray too far from the initial premise of the original show, which was itself just a sci-fi take on the novel The Swiss Family Robinson.

Lost in Space begins streaming April 13th.