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Star Wars and Solo Cup team up for a partnership made in pun hell

Star Wars and Solo Cup team up for a partnership made in pun hell


We regret to inform you the brands are at it again

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Getty Images, whitewish

The marketing brains behind Solo: A Star Wars Story would like you to know they have wed the film’s name in branding matrimony with the most obvious pun you, me, or they could think of: Solo cups, the No. 1 choice for college kids playing beer pong and people who can’t remember which box their dishes are packed in.

Walt Disney Studios is currently threatening Star Wars fans with “an extensive worldwide promotional campaign” that, in addition to Solo, will include Denny’s, Esurance, General Mills, Nissan, and Symantec. These partnerships will include “compelling experiences” and “relevant activations.” In the press release, Solo also encouraged whatever demographic exists at the center of the Venn diagram involving Star Wars fans and cup enthusiasts to visit their website and “SOLOBRATE good times.” No one has explicitly called Solo cups the official cup of the Millennium Falcon, but as someone who scored reasonably well in reading comprehension in college, I’m thrilled to cut through the cruft and award it that title myself. Brands!