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The Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept is a big, pretty consolation prize

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There’s a new Supra in Geneva, but it’s not the one everyone’s been waiting for

Photo: Toyota

Toyota Supra fans, you were not having visions. There really is a new Supra coming, which Toyota obliquely confirmed in the press release for the new GR Supra Racing Concept that’s being shown off at the Geneva Motor Show. Sad news is, it doesn’t look like Toyota brought the road version along for the ride.

If you booked a ticket or a hotel (or both), though, the Supra Racing Concept is a pretty decent consolation prize. (Plus, there’s... lots of other awesome cars there.) And besides, combined with the not-so-spy shots of the road-going version that have been spotted all over the world, it’s enough to get a rough idea of what the new Supra will look like.

Fueled by a mix of nostalgia and, of course, a heavy dose of love for The Fast and The Furious, sports car fans have been pining for a new Supra for decades now. And it really is coming, thanks to a partnership with BMW that started a few years ago. But the process of getting the car designed, built, and tested on the road has played out in agonizing, car crash-level slow motion, with prototypes showing up just about everywhere in the world. And yet there’s still no official reveal in sight.

Back to the Racing Concept, Toyota didn’t lay out a bunch of stats to fawn over, unfortunately. But the Racing Concept at least has a pretty wild style. Loaded with wild, lightweight composite body material, sitting on Michelin racing tires, and sporting a rear wing the size of a chairlift, it looks endlessly fun to drive. Most (or let’s be honest, all) of us won’t ever get that chance, but there’s a consolation inside this consolation: the GR Supra Racing Concept is being added to Gran Turismo Sport in an April update. Maybe by then, Toyota will be ready to show us the real thing.

Image: Toyota
Image: Toyota
Image: Toyota