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Facebook Messenger Lite adds video chat

Facebook Messenger Lite adds video chat


The final piece of the puzzle

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Facebook’s Messenger Lite app for Android is getting video chat, adding the final feature the slimmed-down app needed to become a truly viable replacement for the full-featured Messenger.

It’s an addition that more or less makes Messenger Lite the perfect Facebook Messenger app. Cutting away all the accumulated integrations and features that Facebook has tacked on over the years, Messenger Lite offers simple, easy messaging. In theory, Messenger Lite is designed for “people with older Android devices and/or slower internet connections,” but it’s increasingly looking like the best option for any Android users.

Now all we need Facebook to do is stop there and not add any new features — or else we might need a Messenger Lighter app in a few years to reset everything again.

(Oh, and an iOS version would be nice.)