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Windows 10’s File Explorer is getting tabs support that you can test today

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Microsoft first unveiled its new tabs for every app in Windows 10 last year. While testers got an early look at them briefly, Microsoft is now letting every Windows 10 tester on the Skip Ahead ring get access to tabs today with build 17618. The biggest addition is tabs are now available in File Explorer, a highly-requested feature (more than 20,000 votes) and something Microsoft has resisted in Windows previously.

Alongside File Explorer, other built-in traditional Windows apps like Notepad, Command Prompt, and PowerShell are also getting tabs support. Microsoft is also enabling tabs in Mail, Calendar, OneNote, and MSN News Windows 10 apps, with the ability to have File Explorer running alongside a tabbed version of OneNote or Mail.

Microsoft is testing this feature with its Windows Insiders today, and the company still hasn’t committed to when we’ll see tabs broadly across Windows 10. It does appear that some features of Sets, as Microsoft calls its tabs, will appear in the next Windows 10 update later this year. Currently codenamed Redstone 5, this is the first major feature we’ve seen appear in test builds so far. Microsoft is expected to launch new features in Redstone 5 over the course of its development in the coming months.