The freedom of Still Good Enough


As an avid fan of tech, I've recently surprised myself with my tendency to hold onto pretty old electronics. Even more, I'm surprised to realize just how freeing it is.

I'm the guy that many others turned to for phone and laptop purchases, etc. Yet my laptop is 6 gens old and my phone is 3.

Maybe I was conditioned to lust from afar by being on Verizon for years and never getting cool devices. I don't know. But I do know that I've tried a few well regarded new laptops and met them with a collective meh. They've all been returned

Each of them would ultimately have bad design decisions or weird software tendencies and the speed gain just wasn't enough to motivate me to reform them in the image of their predecessor.

Same with my phone The S6 still has solid speed, a great camera, but a waning battery. Unfortunately, newer phones are huge next to its 5.1 inch screen. And it feels great to be hiking or doing whatever and know that if the phone gets dropped, no biggee.

At some point I'll have to upgrade the laptop to continue my work, and the phone due to the battery that can't be easily replaced. But til then, it's nice going forward like this, instead of looking at a considerable receipt next to a device that feels only marginally better.

And as newer devices seem to be reducing useful features, I don't think I'll be alone.