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The agressive patenting of hinges and foldable devices from MS is interesting.


The aggressive patents of foldable and dual screen device hinges from Microsoft is interesting. The thing that interest me is that these are very extensive stuff, as compared to the design patents that Apple, LG Samsung etc have been doing.

I know there are likely more patents.

Ignoring MSPoweruser, (The website is vile now) the amount of patents that MS has been applied and granted is impressive, in a span of just over a year we have seen more patents being applied about bendable/foldable and dual screen hinges than what we have seen with Samsung, Apple, LG etc, yet those are only vague design patents. This seen to have extensive work into them, which leads me to think that Microsoft has tried all of these methods.

This leads me to also think that Microsoft is attempting to patent every type of good/decent foldable/bendable and hinge method to make a foldable product work. If that's the case (A possibility) that MS is going to stifle Android's entry into foldable devices and have OEMs that want to create a foldable device require to MS patents and in turn require Windows 10. This reminds me of the tablet market, since the tablet market was declining and stagnating Microsoft started patenting things that lead to the next big thing (2 in 1s) when Surface Pro came out we saw OEMs shift to Windows 10 for their tablet/2 in 1 detachable offerings and away from Android since Android couldn't compete.

If we follow that case (Possible) then with the smartphone sales declining and innovation is pretty much dead, it seems MS knew what the next big was and started to work on patents beforehand. (It's only now that these patents are being released to the public), it's only now that OEMs are desperately looking for the next big thing that MS has patented a vast majority of hinges, foldable designs that make a device like this work.