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August is giving Doorbell Cam users 24 hours of free cloud storage

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Credit: August

August is now giving Doorbell Cam and Doorbell Cam Pro users 24 hours of free stored video recording as part of its new Basic August Video Recording subscription.

Users can now watch and access any video recorded on an August device from the last 24 hours using the activity feed on the August app. August suggests that it could help users identify visitors at their door who they’ve missed earlier in the day or review suspicious activity. “Now if you miss a motion notification or experience a porch pirate walking off with a package from your doorstep, you can access and review the stored video from the August app,” said Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home, in a statement.

August’s new deal offering free recording appears to be an attempt to remain competitive against smart brands like Ring, which was bought by Amazon last month for more than $1 billion.

Before the update, you had to pay to store videos, as there was no free cloud storage option. A premium video recording subscription, which lets users store video history for 30 days, costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a one-year plan.