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The Nintendo 3DS is getting a new WarioWare game

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WarioWare makes its debut on the handheld

The Nintendo 3DS library will continue to grow with a new WarioWare game, the first to hit the 3DS. Nintendo announced the news today, along with several other titles, during one of its Direct presentations. WarioWare Gold will launch August 3rd and will include 300 mini-games.

Also headed to the Nintendo 3DS is an updated version of Luigi’s Mansion, which originally launched on GameCube, as well as a remake of Mario & Luigi adventure Bowser’s Inside Story. The game will also include the “untold” story of Bowser Jr., Bowser Jr.’s Journey, when it launches in 2019.

Nintendo also announced tower defense Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers for a May 24th release. A demo will be available March 10.