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Hyperspektiv is a photo app that produces glitchy, psychedelic images

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There are 30 filters in total, including a Wild Card option you can repeatedly tap to generate randomized effects

I love a good photo app, but there are so many in the App Store that it’s hard to know where to begin. If you’re looking for a photo- and video-editing app that does something a little different than the standard Instagram-like filters, a glitch-inducing app called Hyperspektiv might be a nice alternative to play around with.

Hyperspektiv has been around for a few years, but it’s recently gained traction after being featured in the App Store. The app adds random distortion effects, such as colorful glitches and floaty mirroring to a kaleidoscope twist. There are plenty of options to experiment with in Hyperspektiv, which makes it worth $1 price. There are 30 filters in total, including a Wild Card option you can repeatedly tap to generate randomized effects.

The app is pretty easy to use, you just load it and swipe through to choose the filter you want. The filters are applied in real time, and you can watch what you’re capturing and adjust accordingly. The nifty part about the app is you can customize how the filters are applied by dragging your finger up or down and side to side. The movements allow you to control how strongly the filters are applied, the way they move, and to change the hues.

The app is best used for video as the motion is what really makes the visuals pop, though still photos work, too. The app shoots HD 720p video. You can apply the filters to videos you’ve already taken (it has support for videos up to 1080p in this case), but you can’t edit existing photos, which is disappointing. The developers say photo editing will come in the next version “very soon.”

Hyperspektiv is only available on iOS at the moment. If you’re keen to try out more, other iOS options for glitch photo apps include Glitch Wizard, Glitché (which apparently Pharrell and Kim Kardashian use), and Luminancer. If you’re on Android, there’s Onetap Glitch, Glitch Camera, and Glitcher.