Can we discuss this devastating article about how the Model 3 is more expensive to operate than Prius/Ionic/Insight?


Let’s summarize the situation, in six easy steps:

  1. The Tesla Model 3 costs twice as much to buy as the hybrid hatchbacks from Toyota, Hyundai and Honda.

  2. The Tesla Model 3 has at best half as much range as those cars, and is far more impacted by temperatures.

  3. The Tesla Model 3 takes at least 10x-20x as long to recharge/refuel -- only to get half the range.

  4. You have to assign some number to annual battery depreciation, even if the battery will be fine for at least a decade. That amortization number could be in the ballpark of $1,000 per year.

  5. Considering that these hybrids will cost you only $636 per year in gasoline expense for the average 12,000 mile per year driver, the argument stops right there.

  6. Even if you somehow dream away the battery depreciation, the Tesla Model 3 costs $0.06 per mile from the Tesla Supercharger, whereas the gasoline hybrids cost $0.05 per mile at the current nationwide gasoline price average. In other words, gasoline is cheaper even if you assume away all the other EV costs.