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Watch Zuckerberg testify before Congress, day 2: start time and live stream

Watch Zuckerberg testify before Congress, day 2: start time and live stream

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After yesterday’s seemingly endless marathon hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, today Mark Zuckerberg heads to the House, where he’ll be answering questions in front of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Yesterday’s session featured almost 50 legislators peppering Zuckerberg with queries about how Facebook safeguards user data, details on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and even questions about what kind of regulations Zuckerberg believes should be put in place to regulate Facebook.

The day ended with a number of revelations: Zuckerberg said that Facebook “doesn’t feel” like a monopoly to him, but he had a hard time naming a viable competitor; he hinted that there may one day be a paid version of the platform; over and over, he promised senators that data privacy was a legitimate concern, and a priority for the platform; he supports legislation to rein in Facebook’s data collection powers, but he had a hard time committing to supporting new laws that would do that. And he once again tried to tamp down suspicion that Facebook listened to our conversations through our phones. We also learned that a lot of the legislators responsible for regulating Facebook don’t fully understand what Facebook is — or how it works.

Zuckerberg looked mostly comfortable and confident through the almost 5-hour long hearing. Let’s see how he holds up on day two.


Start time: 10AM ET / 7AM PT

Live stream: We’ve set up a Facebook Live stream, which you’ll be able to watch on this page starting 10 minutes before the beginning of the hearing.

Live blog: Tune into The Verge’s live blog for a stream of the event and up-to-the-second commentary from Casey Newton and Colin Lecher.

Due to limitations of the Facebook Live platform, the first four hours of today’s testimony can be found here: