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T-Mobile now lets you chat with customer support in iMessage

T-Mobile now lets you chat with customer support in iMessage

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Image: T-Mobile

T-Mobile has announced that through an update today, it is now supporting Apple’s Business Chat. Included in iOS 11.3, Business Chat is a way for customers to chat with company reps over iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. That means instead of calling, emailing, or hitting up Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger when you have a question, you can talk to an actual human being at a company directly through the iMessage app.

Though T-Mobile already offers the ability to chat with representatives through its app, more ways (and certainly, more streamlined ways) to get a hold of a company is never a bad thing. T-Mobile says it’s accessible through Maps, where a “Message” icon will appear when you click on the listing for a T-Mobile location, and by typing “T-Mobile” into Spotlight on your phone (although when I tried this, it did not work). Once you tap on the message icon, you’ll be taken to the iMessage app to start a conversation.

Through this, T-Mobile says you can change your plan, change your address, check your balance, ask questions, and if you need help troubleshooting, can send screenshots to the person you’re talking to. Things like Apple Pay and calendar are integrated, so you can also do things like purchase a new phone or pay an existing balance. As long as you’re using the same Apple ID, you can start a conversation and then pick it up later on any one of your Apple devices.

Business Chat was announced last year at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The rollout late last month brought along support for other early Business Chat partners, including Home Depot, Hilton Hotels, and Newegg.