State of OS security. Windows, Linux, Apple


My thoughts on OS security. Apple , Linux and other *nix based OS have been viewed as more secure historically. I think this is because of how they allow you to interact with them. Both MacOS and Linux require passwords for most major actions. Settings to bypass this requirement are very limited. I set my Linux machines to not require an initial sign in. They still require pw to update or add new programs. I assume MacOS is the same. Windows for years made this optional, to make it easier for new users to get started. I've seen non tech people set up a Windows machine right out of the box by connecting the color coded cables and pushing a few buttons. In some cases, they dove right in and tried to recreate the 100 Monkeys Typing Shakespeare meme. Windows from the beginning was "easiest path for the most people to use a computer". Which made it really easy for some users to get in over their head. What was missing was Intent and Consent. Both are needed when working with UNIX based machines. At one time, almost any software/security error on Windows could be over ridden by hitting either escape or ignore enough times. Starting with Win 8, that has been mostly fixed. The security debate now is more about how much hassle are you willing to accept vs being able to enjoy peace of mind. Most modern OS now feel to me like a nun with a ruler watching every move I make. Just my $.02. Thoughts?