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Hulu discounts its HBO add-on just in time for Westworld

Hulu discounts its HBO add-on just in time for Westworld

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Photo by John P. Johnson / HBO

Hulu is now offering a discount on its HBO add-on, timed with Westworld’s season 2 premiere this month. Now, instead of paying an extra $14.99 a month, Hulu subscribers can add HBO to their plan for only $4.99 a month. The discount lasts for six months. After that, users will have to pay the full fare again.

Hulu started offering HBO as an add-on last summer, coordinated with the return of Game of Thrones’ seventh season. Other add-ons Hulu offers include Cinemax and Showtime. With the add-on, users can sign onto HBO through Hulu or use their Hulu login credentials to sign into HBO Now, the standalone over-the-top version of HBO.

If you’re also on the $7.99 limited ads plan for Hulu, nabbing this HBO discount means you’re only paying $12.98 a month for both. That’s a better deal than just paying separately for HBO, which generally costs $14.99.

Unfortunately, those who already have the HBO add-on aren’t eligible for the discount. And what’s worse, those who are Spotify subscribers who have Hulu bundled together with Spotify (that includes me) are also not eligible for discounted HBO. Hulu really did think of everything. This feels the same as when a cashier at a retail store says you can’t apply two discounts on the same shirt — and it feels bad.