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Facebook Stories update adds AR doodles and Instagram’s Boomerang

Facebook Stories update adds AR doodles and Instagram’s Boomerang


Maybe people will use it now

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Image: TechCrunch

Facebook Stories may not have reached the heights of Instagram or Snapchat when it comes to things like people actually using the feature, but that isn’t stopping the social media company from continuing to add to it. Now, it’s adding a new AR doodling feature and Instagram’s looping Boomerangs, via TechCrunch.

Of the two, the AR doodling — which Facebook calls “3D drawing” — seems like the biggest feature, letting users draw 3D images with AR on the real world. It looks like a natural extension of the drawing tools that Snapchat first made popular but taken to a more immersive level.

Devotees of Facebook Stories (I’m sure there are some of you out there) might remember that Facebook actually added looping GIFs to the in-app camera last year. But apparently, those are getting replaced with Boomerangs, which are technically not the same thing; Boomerang loops go back and forth instead of just playing through and then repeating like the GIFs did.

Will the new tools be enough to draw more people to actually use Facebook Stories? Probably not, especially since Facebook still hasn’t really made a case for using it over the far more popular Instagram version of the feature. But if Boomerangs can make the jump from Instagram to Facebook, there’s at least hope that the interesting AR drawing features might go the other way to a platform people actually use.