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HBO’s Silicon Valley gets renewed for a sixth season

HBO’s Silicon Valley gets renewed for a sixth season

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Image: HBO

HBO’s Silicon Valley still has more steam to tell more stories about the rise of a little tech startup known as Pied Piper. The network announced yesterday that it’s renewed the show for a sixth season.

The show is currently airing its fifth season. In its opening credits this season, there’s a timely Easter egg about Facebook, showing the company logo in faux Cyrillic letters. The Easter egg is present in every episode, and it’s oddly well-timed with Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s face-off in Congress.

Still, the show has so far been silent about other prescient issues the tech industry faces, such as the gender wage gap and widespread reporting of sexual harassment, even after the #MeToo movement boosted the visibility of those issues. “We talk about it all the time,” executive producer Alec Berg told The Hollywood Reporter last month, referring to sexual harassment cases in the real-life Silicon Valley. “The lack of hitting it head-on just comes down to the fact that we haven’t done a great job of finding the definitive satirical take on it.” The sixth season opens up another opportunity for the writers to tackle the subject.

Silicon Valley’s fifth season was the first one without T.J. Miller, who played Erlich Bachman, the weed-smoking founder of an incubator. He’s effectively been replaced by Jian Yang (Jimmy O. Yang), who has taken over Miller’s role as the show’s comedic relief and has become more of a central character in the story.

The network also announced it’s renewing Barry, a dark comedy about a hitman who accidentally joins the local arts scene.