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Walmart’s getting a much-needed site overhaul in May

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With a focus on personalization and specialty shopping

Image: Walmart

Walmart has announced that it is revamping its website, introducing a completely new design beginning in May. Aside from a visual overhaul, the new site will focus on personalization and specialty shopping experiences.

In the comparison below, you can get a glimpse of what the new look will be like. It’s cleaner, with more modern fonts, and it features what Walmart calls “relatable photography,” otherwise known as humans doing human things. It’s definitely a step up from its current potato website, which feels not unlike an interactive Sunday circular.

Image: Walmart

Along with the refreshed design, the majority of the new Walmart homepage will be personalized to whoever is browsing it. This will include best-selling items in a customer’s location and a profile for your local Walmart. Here, the site will let you know if certain services are available, like online grocery, and your order status.

Walmart also says the new site will include “specialty shopping experiences.” The company describes this as making categories like furniture and fashion feel like a specialty store by featuring “relevant, bold imagery and seasonal stories.” No other concrete details are given, so it’s a bit unclear how this will translate to the site when launched. At first blush, this description alludes to how individual brands (like, say, Crate & Barrel) already market products within narratives both online and in print catalogs.

Aside from the website, Walmart has made several other changes to update the company as of late, many of which are seen as a competitive move against Amazon, such as offering its own meal kits, carrying Soylent, and striking a deal to become the exclusive mass retailer of Kobo e-readers.